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Do you want more leads for your business?  Do you want not one but multiple first page listings in Google? Do you want a true set it and forget it marketing campaign that only improves the longer you let it sit? Do you want an automated follow up system that works for you 24/7, never asks for breaks, and never gets sick?

Then you need a Promotus Media FAQ n SAQs Video Campaign (aka 10x10x4 campaign).

FAQs = Frequently Asked Question videos. FAQs are questions that your customers are already asking and looking for.

SAQs = Should Be Asking Question videos. SAQs are questions that your customers should be asking but they don’t know enough about your industry and business to ask.

Does It Work?:

If you know anything about the Internet, you know if you aren’t on the 1st page of Google then your business is unlikely to be found and your potential customers will go to your competitors.

See the results for a few of our clients.

Two listings on the first page of Google.com for a highly competitive term: “Boise Music Lessons”.


Two listings on 1st page of Google.Note how the image of the video stands out on the page.  Which one are you going to click?

(We also have 1st page rankings for “boise guitar lessons”, “boise singing lessons”, “boise drum lessons” and many others.)

Another client:

Three listings on the 1st page of Google for “idaho estate” out of 154 million results.

Three 1st page listings for idaho estate in google.
Six listings on the 1st page of Google for “idaho elder law video” out of 520,000 results.

Six 1st page listings for idaho elder law video in google.

Another happy client:

Two listings on the 1st page of Google for the buyer keword phrase, “buy cubic zirconia”, out of 20.1 million results.

Two listings on 1st page of google for buy cubic zirconia.

We will create a 10x10x4 video marketing campaign for your business to get you traffic to your website and allows you to build a relationship with your customers and prospects on autopilot.

What is It?

Below is a video explaining the 10x10x4 methodology:

Below is a clarity map that shows the entire process.

10x10x4 Clarity Map
(Clarity Map courtesy of DerekFranklin.com)

1. We film you answering 10 FAQ videos, 10 SAQ videos, and 4 Listbuilding Videos.

2. We edit the videos with appropriate logos, titling, and call-to-actions.

3. We setup and create an email list building website with the videos containing over 20 pages of content.

4. We setup and create an email auto-responder series to automate the followup containing about 25 emails.

4. We research keywords to tag the videos and blog posts that will get top search engine rankings.

5. We distribute the videos to over 50 high-traffic areas of the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. as explained in the above video.

6. Google, other search engines, and people like your  website and videos and you get more leads and customers.

Why It Works:

Google loves great content. Videos are the best content. People spend more time watching videos online then just about anything else.

We blast your content to the places where people are already hanging out.

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine (behind Google) and 2nd largest social network (behind Facebook) in the world.

By creating videos that answer what your customers are looking for; you become the authority figure in your niche.

Your videos educate your customers.  Educated customers spend more money, more often.

You develop a relationship with your customers via the email autoresponder and videos so your prospects will know, like and trust you.

Because they know, like, and trust you; they become your customer.

(PS Your competitors aren’t using these strategies.)

Long-term results. Videos age very well.  The longer a video is out on the Internet the more valuable and popular it becomes.  Youtube isn’t going any where and will reward valuable content.  Unlike traditional advertising and web strategies, this video marketing campaign won’t fade away after a few month.  It is a long-term investment that will pay dividends for years to come.  Truly set and forget.

What Is Required Of You:

The only thing you need to do is provide us with the FAQs and SAQs and answer the questions on video.

We take care of the rest; the video editing, the domain name, the hosting, the website, the posts, the autoresponder hosting, the emails, and the mass submissions.  It’s a bunch of work.  But is worth it for long-term results.

What You Get:

~ 20 High quality, high-definition videos with Professional graphics, music, and titling (value: $1500)

~ 25 relationship building emails in an autoresponder series (value: $250)

~ 20 Search Engine Optimized (SEO) web pages and content (value: $1000)

1 keyword relevant domain name (value: $10)

1 high converting landing/opt-in page (value: $250)

1 year of website hosting (value: $120)

1 year of email autoresponder service (value: $240)

~ 20 SEO videos submitted across the Internet (value: $1200)

1 Done For You, Set It and Forget It Video Campaign that gets better and better over time (value: priceless)

Total Value:  $4330

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Unsolicited Customer Testimonial - PromotusMedia.com

Wink Jones, HPDiamonds.com


SAMPLETEXT“I am Stunned! …Wow…Wow…Wow!”Hey Scott..Wink! Holy Crap Man! That is Really, Really, Really Nice. I’m like Stunned! I expected it to be good but..Wow..Wow..Wow..Wow..Wow. If I don’t get to talk to you today..I hope it’s ok but I sent an email to several of my business associates and one of my best clients to get their feedback. So if you see 10 people watching that all of a sudden it’s because it’s good enough that I wanted to share it. Thank You!
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